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To see a variety of graphs showing average data for a group of practices, please choose one of the links from the menu above.

Registered practices should first log on using their passwords. This will allow them to compare their own data with the aggregated data of the other practices. Practices wishing to register should download the baseline audit sheet from here and email this to Mark Levy, who will generate a user name and password which will enable you to access the data entry form online for each unscheduled attendance.

Viewing the data
Select one of the following from the menu:
  • Baseline data is derived from an audit which is part of the registration process.
  • Pre-exacerbation data includes indicators relating to symptoms, treatment and demographic factors prior to the exacerbation which led to the unscheduled consultation.
  • Exacerbation data includes indicators recorded during the unscheduled consultation resulting from the exacerbation.

Registered practices will be able to view their own practice data compared to the average for all practices. Anyone else will be able to view average data only.

For reasons of patient confidentiality, this data has been made completely anonymous. Registered participating practices are able to log on and view their own practice data compared to the average for all practices in the study. However, since no identifying data is stored online, no identifying information will be displayed. The data for the practice that is logged on will be described as data for the "selected practice".

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