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Project Lead: Mark L Levy info@consultmarklevy.com
General Practitioner - Harrow, London

This audit was developed as part of a project supported by the UK based General Practice Airways Group (www.gpiag.org). The current version was refined by Dr Mark L Levy (UK) and Assoc. Prof. Helen Reddel, an Australian respiratory physician with a long-standing interest in the diagnosis and management of asthma exacerbations. This work has ben helped by generous grants from Asthma UK (www.asthma.org.uk)and the Brent Primary Care Trust.

This audit provides clinicians with a facility to evaluate and compare their care of patients presenting with uncontrolled asthma.

What is it?
This is an internet-based international audit, located on a secure server, with password protected access to their own data for those participating as well as public access to anonymised data. This provides a benchmarking system for practices (or individual GPs or nurses) to compare their management of unscheduled asthma attendances by patients. This process enables health care professionals to implement changes to their practice where appropriate when comparing their indicators with those of others as well as the international GINA (www.ginasthma.org) Guidelines.

An unscheduled attendance for asthma is defined:
  • where asthma was the principal reason for the consultation and
  • that the consultation was not pre-arranged or solely for the purpose of a routine review or repeat prescription.
Would you like to participate? If yes it's pretty simple to join in as follows:
This audit can be done by both full-time, practice-based and also part-time sessional health professionals treating patients with chest infections:
  1. Full-time practice-based doctors and nurses: please download and complete this form to provide baseline demographic information about your practice.
  2. Part-time and sessional health professionals: please download and complete this form to provide baseline demographic information about your practice.
Please email the completed form to Mark Levy, who will generate a user name and password which will enable you to access the data entry form online for each unscheduled attendance.

Unscheduled attendances by patients:
Patients are completely anonymised by you, by allocating a unique non-identifiable identity number for each patient (but keep a list for yourself in case you wish to revisit the details at a later date). One form is completed for each unscheduled attendance. (Forms can be completed online at the time of the consultation, or at the end of a clinic (with reference to the medical records). Once the details have been entered, the system will update the benchmarking facility immediately and you will be able to compare your management with others. Please re-use the same patient identity number for each repeat attendance of the same patient(s).

Benefits for participants:
Medical audit is a requirement for practice in the UK and will probably become so in other countries in the future. This system allows participants to audit their care, who will be able to download a detailed audit report after every 10th patient entered on the system. This report, together with any details of actions taken as a result of the audit, could then be included in a Personal Development Plan (PDP) for discussion at annual appraisal.

This audit may also be of use to funding bodies such as primary care organisations (like Primary care Trusts or Commissioning Groups in the UK). For example, we can group PCT or commissioning group results together for anonymous comparative purposes, to monitor and reduce unplanned attendances at hospital and also to determine adherence to guidelines (local, national and international). If you have any comments or special requirements, please do email Dr Mark Levy



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