Quality of COPD Diagnosis Audit (Trial Version)


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There is some debate on the reproducibility criteria for the FEV1 and FVC indices generated by spirometry testing. The current ARTP standard is that the best of two sets of these readings should be within 100 ml of each other, while the ATS/ERS standard states that they should be within 150 ml of each other. Participating in this optional mini-audit will help us determine what is actually achieved in your primary care spirometry sessions. The graph below shows the percentage of tests where the difference between best and second best FVC and FEV1 falls with in one of three ranges.

Key: R1: difference is < 100ml • R2: difference is < 150ml • R3: difference is >= 150ml

Percentage tests with difference between best/second best FVC/FEV1 in 3 ranges

No relevant data for practice or standard not met

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