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How to do the Audit

Title: Quality of COPD Diagnosis Audit (Trial Version)

Please contact Dr Mark Levy for secure log-on details to participate in this audit. This will enable you to enter your audit data using a secure web form which will instantly display your results compared with those of colleagues.

For this audit, you will need to randomly select the records of 10 or more patients in your practice who have a diagnosis of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). One of the ways to do this is to do a search of your records, and list all those patients diagnosed with COPD. Then randomly select at least 10 of them by starting at the top of the list and choosing every 5th patient until you have at least 10 selected. (If you get to the end of the list simply continue counting from the top again).

List these patients on the summary sheet (click here)and then access each of these patient's records and enter the data onto the audit form (click here).

Enter the data from completed audit forms onto the secure website using the log-on details provided by Dr Mark Levy.

Once you have entered and saved the data, your results will be available immediately, and you will be able to print out a report indicating how you have done in relation to the set standards for this audit.


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