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This audit, funded by the Primary Care Respiratory Society UK aims to evaluate aspects of the diagnosis/review of COPD specifically around the use of spirometry
includingconfirmation by post bronchodilator spirometry, quality of spirometry performed including repeatability of tests.

The PCRS-UK is a UK-wide professional society committed to improving respiratory care in primary care. Registered as a charity, and led by their members through a range of committees and faculties dedicated to meeting the vision of “optimal respiratory care for all”.

How this audit works

This is an internet-based audit, located on a secure server, with password protected access to data for those participating as well as public access to anonymised data. This provides a benchmarking system for practices (practice based individual or freelance GPs or nurses) to compare data. This process enables health care professionals to identify areas for implementation of appropriate changes to their practice, when comparing their achievement against set standards indicators with those of other health professionals and guidelines.

Why take part? Benefits for participants and patients

Medical audit is a requirement for continued practice as a GP in the UK and will probably become so in other countries in the future. This internet based system of audit developed by Dr Mark Levy, allows participants to audit their care and compare this with other colleagues. Participants will be able to download a detailed audit report after every 10th patient entered on the system. This report, together with any details of actions taken as a result of the audit, could then be included in a Personal Development Plan (PDP) for discussion at annual appraisal and for the purposes of GP revalidation and recertification.

This audit may also be of use to funding bodies such as primary care organisations (like Primary care Trusts or Commissioning Groups in the UK), through evaluating quality of spirometry as well as patient care delivered, for example as part of a quality Local Enhanced Scheme or Managed Care Network.

If you have any comments, special requirements or difficulties implementing this audit, please do email Dr Mark Levy at

Resources and further information
  1. NICE COPD Guidelines
  2. GOLD COPD Guidelines
  3. PCRS-UK Spirometry Standards
  4. PCRS-UK Respiratory Opinion Sheets
  5. PCRS-UK, and how to join, can be found at
  6. Diagnostic Spirometry in Primary Care
    Proposed standards for general practice compliant with American Thoracic Society and European Respiratory Society recommendations



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