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How to do the Audit

Title: Optimising Asthma Control Audit

Identifying patients for inclusion in this audit

Include patients over 8 years old with diagnosed asthma, who consult for an asthma review. You may wish to use the audit log sheet (click here) which could be used to record a confidential identifier for your patient for use online when entering data. Enter as many patients as you wish, at least 10.

Who can do this audit

Full or part time General Practitioners (Family Physicians); asthma trained nurses or nurse practitoners.


First you need to register for your own personal log-on details. Please download and complete the appropriate registration form (see options below) and return it to Dr Mark Levy at marklevy@animalswild.com who will send you instructions for logging on to the website.

If you are a full time General Practitioner, or Practicing from a fixed base, click here.

If you are a part-time/sessional General Practitioner/registrar/nurse, click here.

Data entry

Once you have completed your registration, please download the patient audit form and the asthma control questionnaire.

Hand the asthma questionnaire to patients while they are waiting to see you, and then use this as a guide during your consultation, and afterwards for entering the data onto the audit website. Of course, patients could also complete the questionnaire by pre-arrangement at home before they come in for the asthma review.

Then if possible enter your findings during the consultation with the patient directly online in the detailed online questionnaire which you can access by logging on to the website. This is the preferred method and will avoid the problem of missing data if you choose to enter the data online at a later stage.

However, you can download and use a print version of the online questionnaire (click here) and enter the data online at a later stage.

Once you have entered and saved data for each patient online, you will be able to see how your management compares with that of colleagues.

After each consultation, you will be able to print out (or upload) a summary of your consultation for your records.


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